End-to-End Services

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  • One partner for all your projects
  • A full scope of services, from simple translations to end-to-end management of multi-language localization and translation projects
  • We offer specific value-added services, such as:
    • Advanced Desktop Publishing
    • Globalization Management Consulting

A Dedicated Account Team

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  • Account Managers serve as a single point of contact
  • Each Account Manager leads a dedicated and expert support team
  • Completely focused on your specific needs
  • Extensive knowledge of your markets, products, services, language(s), processes, organization, habits, etc.

Rigorous Quality Assurance Processes

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  • Each translator and proof reader is regularly monitored and rated by professional linguists, using our 70QualityIndex (70QI)
  • Samples of each large document undergo 3 human quality checks, at 10%, 40%, and 100% of project completion, in order to guarantee maximum reactivity
  • Upon completion, each project goes through a final quality check, using software programs including Xbench and QA Distiller

A “Boutique” Approach

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  • Founded in 2006
  • 20 employees
  • 2 sites:
    • France: Project Management & Translations
    • Israel: R&D and Project Management
  • Long-term partnership approach with clients enables consistency of language, process and relationship
  • 70global's “human” and personalized, client-focused approach offers:
    • Availability
    • Flexibility
    • Reactivity
    • Confidentiality
    • Proximity